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About Wourkly

Wourkly is the Caribbean's hub for remote work. At our core, we are a people company and our primary function is to connect businesses to talented professionals within the region. 

We make it easy for companies of all sizes to find and work with expert freelancers, independent professionals, or agencies in an affordable way. Our platform gives these businesses access to a diverse talent pool while also letting freelancers find flexible opportunities and build a sustainable career.

How it began

The ways we connect and communicate have changed drastically over the past few years. This was accelerated by the occurrence of the pandemic where waves of job-loss, company-downsizing and remote work, all hit the world at once.

It was this situation that brought two friends together with an aim to create more employment opportunities by connecting independent talent to existing businesses in need of their skills. 

Our Co-Founders, Akil Edwards and Karrian Hepburn Malcolm, leveraged their combined 30+ years of expertise in technology, marketing and business development to create new work opportunities and develop in-demand skills in the Caribbean region.

A New Way Of Work

Our company envisions a new future for the Caribbean where people have the freedom to work on their terms. A workforce that is driven by efficiency instead of a one-size fits all approach to working hours, location and qualifications. One where a workers rewards are more directly tied to their efforts. A workforce that is built around you.

Our Vision

Independent workers at the core of every business

Our Mission

To enable better lifestyles by creating better work opportunities.

Our Values

      • People-centric focus
      • Create an ethos of doing
      • Be a stimulant for business growth