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How it works

How it works

Wourkly was developed to improve the way independent talent and businesses manage projects by simplifying the following: 

      • Finding independent talent
      • Finding opportunities for independent/freelance work
      • Managing freelance projects
      • Ensuring safe and timely payments for completed work

Getting started - For Companies or Startups

      • When signing up to the Wourkly platform, companies must select "I want to hire". 
      • The company is then free to select a subscription and post the job they need done. 
      • The job will be sent to our platform where consultants and freelancers in the field can view and submit quotations for the job.
      • Project owners can then review their submissions and select the one that best meets their requirement and budget. 

View a full walkthrough with our AI-guided video playlist below:

View Tutorials:  Wourkly Tutorials for Hiring Companies

Getting started - For the independent worker (Consultants and Freelancers)

        • Professionals on the Wourkly platform will select "I want to work" when signing up. 
        • They can then select a subscription and search posted jobs to find opportunities that match their skills and experience.
        • For best results, professionals should complete their profiles to leverage our skill matching algorithm.
        • If interested in a job or project, the freelancer or consultant can submit a quotation or application for the job or project.
        • The hiring company will then review all quotations/applications and choose the best fit for the job or company.

    View a full walkthrough with our AI-guided video below:

    Managing projects

    Our platform allows users to create milestones for each project. The milestone represents a stage of the project or timeframe that is agreed upon by the project owner and professional.

    When a company accepts a bid, the freelancer or consultant is informed and the two parties will agree on a method of payment and the project milestones. These milestones allow talent to be paid at agreed upon stages of the project in a timely fashion while providing some security to project managers that the work paid for will be delivered.

    We advise that projects managed by the platform in order for our team to provide support with any payment disputes.


    Wourkly is primarily a commission-free platform, making it free to use for freelancers. To post a job or project, business owners must select a subscription. Any charges incurred by the business owner is determined by the subscription package selected.